Historic Garden Week – The Magazine makes its debut in mid-November, taking the place of the state brochure, and sending a message: it’s going to be different, but this popular springtime event is on a path forward.

Despite the very successful radio and social media campaign thanking our supporters during the eight days in April when tours would have taken place, we understand that it simply wasn’t the same. We know that most advertisers in the Guidebook are extremely loyal, participating every year. Thank you! 

The Magazine complements our traditional Guidebook, which will continue to be a main source of logistical tour information and tantalizing tidbits about the private properties which are the mainstay of this statewide event. Organized by geographic region, as opposed to alphabetically by tours, each region’s section of The Magazine will feature a travel story.  These expanded versions of suggested itineraries will utilize the information provided by each tour team, as well as feature stories highlighting and relating to the work of the Garden Club of Virginia. Historic Garden Week – The Magazine aims to tell a bigger story.



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