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Tuesday April 21, 2020

10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Williamsburg’s Queens Lake served the Chesapeake Corporation as a hunting and fishing preserve in the 1920s and provided early colonists with a transportation route to the port at Capitol Landing. It is now a popular neighborhood near downtown that was developed in sections, starting in the 1950s. In this setting of mature trees and waterfronts, visitors will ride shuttles to a transitional waterfront home, a writer’s cottage, a conservatory and a home that was designed for aging-in-place.  In addition, garden experts will be available at a mini symposium to answer garden-related questions. Allow enough time to drive the scenic Colonial Parkway to Colonial Williamsburg for escorted garden tours and access to the Rockefeller family’s Bassett Hall, plus the Ludwell-Paradise House and the Palmer House, which are rarely open to the public, making for a fun and full day.  

Advance Ticket Price: $40 pp


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