Ware Neck, a narrow body of land bordered on one side by the Ware River and the other by the North River, is in Gloucester County. Visitors will enjoy this tour showcasing a close-knit community with a historic general store and post office, whose early success was due to ties with steamships that once traded at nearby Hockley Wharf. Three private homes in this quaint community with unique and varied architecture and spectacular river views are included – an Antebellum mansion, a home in the style of a Lighthouse, and a more contemporary home. Also included is Belle Terre, a beautiful, expansive historic garden, as well as Ware Episcopal Church c. 1652, one of the oldest surviving parish churches in the Commonwealth, which serves as the tour headquarters, and Singleton United Methodist Church c. 1875. This is a shuttle-only tour. 


  • Date
    Saturday April 15, 2023
  • Host
    The Garden Club of Gloucester-Mathews


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