Historic Berkeley, Shirley and Westover


Open together, three historic properties and a church established in the early 1600s celebrate Historic Garden Week on three consecutive days. A special combo ticket allows access to the extensive grounds, gardens, and numerous outbuildings, and first floor interiors of Historic Berkeley, Shirley and Westover. Nestled along the James River, off scenic Route 5 in bucolic Charles City County, they were settled in the early 1600s as tobacco plantations, with Westover Church serving as the local parish. Their recorded histories date back over 400 years and are interwoven with stories of the earliest indigenous people, European settlers and indentured servants, enslaved Africans, and their descendants through the colonization, founding, fighting, and reconstruction of the United States of America. Virginia and National Historic Landmarks, they are working farms, private homes and living links to our country’s past.

Contact information at tour sites and for bus groups:
Historic Berkeley:
Tammy Radcliff
(888) 466-6018 or info@berkeleyplantation.com

Historic Shirley:
Melissa Bjorkman
(804) 829-5121 or info@shirleyplantation.com

Historic Westover:
Andrea Erda
(804) 829-2882 or aerda@historicwestover.com


  • Date
    Monday April 22, 2024
  • Host
    Historic Berkeley, Shirley and Westover
  • Location
    7000 Westover Road, Charles City, VA, USA Historic Westover
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info@BerkeleyPlantation.com, info@ShirleyPlantation.com, aerda@historicwestover.com

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