Richmond: Rothesay Circle


The neighborhood Rothesay is nestled on scenic bluffs overlooking the James River. It is characterized by sweeping views, expansive lawns, and lush gardens, several of which were designed by famed landscape architect Charles F. Gillette, who lived on Rothesay Circle for a time. A quiet oasis in the middle of a bustling city, Rothesay abuts the long-abandoned Philadelphia quarry, now the site of a private swimming club. The eclectic architectural styles of the homes in Rothesay make for a distinctive community, which is close to commercial and recreational areas. It was once a place where homeowners hunted quail and rode horses in their backyards. This is a walking tour.

The Cotterell house requires a separate ticket and it is a shuttle only tour departing from Agecroft Hall. Handicap access is not possible for this property.


  • Date
    Tuesday April 26, 2022


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