Richmond: Windsor Farms – Nottingham


Experience the timeless allure of Windsor Farms, a prestigious residential enclave crafted by the visionary Thomas C. Williams, Jr. in the early 1920s. Step into this near-century-old neighborhood and be enchanted by homes designed by renowned historical architects like Duncan Lee and Clarence Huff and modernized by contemporary visionaries like Dan Ensminger. Immerse yourself in captivating gardens meticulously created by acclaimed landscape architects such as Charles Gillette and John Nolen and pristinely updated by garden enthusiasts like Russell Combs and Jeff Cartwright. Discover a world where history, elegance, and modern luxury converge.


  • Date
    Tuesday April 23, 2024
  • Host
    Tuckahoe Garden Club of Westhampton, Boxwood Garden Club, James River Garden Club and Three Chopt Garden Club


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